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Rapé Starter
Ceremony Kit



Description:  Our starter kit is designed to cultivate sacred rituals at home. This kit is perfect for beginners new to the use of Rapé and has everything you will need to begin your practice!

Kit includes5 grams of your choice of Rapé, Kuripe (Self-Applicator), Sage , Organic Jasmin & Sage candle, Set of Matches 

The Kuripes are individual and uniquely handcrafted, made of bamboo and polymer clay with paua abalone. Embedded with a variety of crystals. No two items are exactly the same. We let our artist express his creativity through the applicators, providing a unique product divinely selected and fitted for you.

*Our Rapé containers are handcrafted with love by a Colombian native, intended to be reused.  With the purchase of your initial kit you qualify for Rapé refill at 10% OFF. You keep the wooden container; we send you the refill and together we help save our planet! 

Our Rapés are 100% pure and directly sourced from the mentioned tribe

Options and descriptions: 

Shawãdawa Tsunu: Made in the Shawãdawa community, in the Arara Indigenous Lands of Igarapé Humaitá, under the power of the full moon, with cured, fermented, roasted and finely powdered natural tobacco, Tsunu ashes and two medicinal herbs traditionally used by the Shawãs, known as Rawaputu and Putuvi, plants that help relieve and prevent headaches, flu, insomnia, mental disorders and fatigue. This Rapé is commonly used to give strength, enthusiasm and joy. As well as to alleviate ailments and discomfort in the respiratory system. Txāda Shawã and Daosha are the hands that prepared this medicine.

Yawadawá Mint: is clearing, cleansing, opening, energizing, light, expansive, uplifting, and very refreshing. The energy comes in as a swift cool breeze, immediately entering into the third eye. Clearing the mind and opening up the crown chakra, feeling renewed and balanced. The strong clearing energy enters into the sinus and opens up the lungs and the heart chakra with a blast of loving, cooling energy.

Yawadawá Tsunu: Tsunu is a mix of tobacco and Tsunu bark ash. It is one of the oldest blends and is known for its powerful effects – clarity, grounding, focus, and total body relaxation. With regular practice, Tsunu has the ability to awaken the spiritual warrior within. It is great for sustained use over long periods. Tsunu is the perfect blend for a body, mind, and spirit reset, as it will clear the bad energies while keeping you grounded. It is a smooth, aromatic rapé that resonates well with anyone that uses it.

Nukini Marachimbe: From the Nukini tribe, this blend comes with a strong spirit. Nukini blends are known for opening your third eye to receive messages or clarity. They are stronger and more sensational than other blends. This blend has the perfect balance of yopo in it, which is a powerful entheogen, so you can get access to the healing properties of the Divine yet remain grounded. This rape is perfect for sitting with a specific problem that you would like guidance on.

Nukini Rose Branca: This beautiful calming female blend is made with Tsunu ashes and white roses.  White roses are traditionally used in Brazil for herbal baths for its calming and aura cleansing properties.  White roses are related to the feminine, the force of the queen of the sea, Yemanja’ her name in the West African Orixa’ tradition.  A beautiful calming blend that is sure to please you.

Jurema: The spirit of the Jurema is definitely present in this mixture, it has a very flying and uplifting effect. It moves the energies of the body and mind, opens the connection of the chakras. Jurema is a plant of truly amazing power, It is used by the natives of Pernambuco, a Fulni-o indigenous tribe. Their snuff is considered the strongest in our drug store. They have been working with Jurema tea and its snuff for many thousands of years. Jurema gives us the opportunity to be more who we are and help strengthen our communication and harmony with the spirits of nature and mother earth. This blend is typically used in Ayahuasca ceremonies because it brings us great cleansing and harmonious growth of the auric field. It also gives us the power to listen carefully to our own feelings and those of the collective.

Murici: This snuff (Byrsonima crassifólia) acts strongly on the physical body, cleansing the strength of the muscle fibers and the hardness of the bones, as it is very effective in cleaning and re-energizing the frontal lobe of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Because Murici ashes have some natural ibogaine like seeds, they act as a catalyzed spiritual energy in the mind causing people to become self-aware at times in a journey state of internalization and spiritual understanding.

Mulateiro: This snuff (Calycophyllum spruceanum) is an excellent medicine used by the Acrean and Amazonian tribes for many thousands of years. It adds strength to spiritual energy and helps us to refine our self-perception (how we look at ourselves, and realize ourselves). She teaches us to overcome the past and “grow” stronger roots in the present. This snuff is very special for its uniqueness in strength and special wisdom that the ashes bring us, along with the sacred tobacco.

Kaxinawa: This is a very special rapé made by the Kaxinawa tribe from Brazil.  It is a strong and profound rapé that has a masculine tribal jungle energy.  Its main uses are for cleansing, immense grounding, releasing any entities, attachments, negative thoughts, deep sickness, and heavy energies.  It is an an excellent rapé to use when you need to release any heavy emotions like anger. Additionally, this is also a great rapé to use with Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, or other plant ceremonies if you feel any heavy energies during the ceremony.  It can miraculously assist moving any blocked or stuck energies giving a newfound feeling of refreshment. It’s also great to use after coming home from any heavy or stressful environments or where one might be exposed to a lot of different energies.

Cumaru: This snuff (Dipteryx odorata) is worshiped by the Acre Katukina-Nokekoi, Yawanawa and Huni Kuin tribes, used by various Acrean tribes. It activates the third eye chakras and the crown chakra, calming the thinking minds and opening a spiritual sight and extra-physical perceptions of the color and light of the atmosphere. Mental focus and meditation are the keywords for this type of medicine. Cumaru snuff became known worldwide when the indigenous people of the Del Acre tribes began to open the doors of their villages to receive foreigners from Europe and the United States, who by their own ways sold their medicines with them, before the travelers went, to return to their countries of origin. Sharing it in the other continents of the world, they were little by little testing and reaffirming that its medicinal properties are appropriately active and effective for the health and well-being.

Canela de Velho: This snuff (Miconia Albicans) is used by the Kaxinawá tribe. It works vigorously in the three centers of our life: mental, emotional and physical. Velho Canela is a very hard tree that has almost white wood, very clear. The ash is the lightest among the types of ash traditionally used by indigenous Brazilians who know about snuff, notably its effects are calming and the strength of this plant teaches us to be more relaxed with our nerves, learning to control our nerves and mood.

Parica: Provides great connection, clarity, and a sense of presence. Awaken our inner teacher and the connection with the ancestors. Reorder the channels of the body and open the heart. 

Cacau: This snuff (Theobroma cacao) is made from the ashes of the cocoa tree. It gives us a lot of energy to work and exercise our body, it makes us feel a great expansion of vibration and strength, such as ecstasy to receive channeling. We observe in our experiences that it does not take away hunger, while other snuff takes away our hunger for an approximate period of one or two hours, if consumed before a meal.

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Cacau, Canela de Velho, Cumaru, Jurema, Kaxinawa, Mulateiro, Murici, Nukini Marachimbe, Nukini Rosa Branca, Parica, Shawãdawa Tsunu, Yawadawá Mint, Yawadawá Tsunu

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Ceremony Kit

  1. Eric C (verified owner)

    The contents of this kit were so carefully and lovingly curated. The Yawadawá Tsunu blend is perfect and has become an integral part of my daily meditation. So happy to know you <3

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Ann J. (verified owner)

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