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A Message From the Founder

The Journey Back To Soul is committed to giving you the most supportive, compassionate and personalized guidance in expanding your love and awareness. We honor natures wisdom through our carefully crafted products and ceremony kits for your sacred home rituals. Our mission is to help you create a loving, safe and sacred place for you to learn about and apply your own strengths, courage, and power to heal. It is our honor to be of service, supporting you on your path of healing to reconnect with love for self and others. The Journey Back to Soul not only brings you the sacred medicines but also integration through group activities, experiences and community. We believe that for real healing to take place we must consider wholeness: mind, body & spirit. Our healing begins by remembering and returning to the lost parts of our soul — The Journey Back to Soul

With Love -Maria Camila Betancur- Hall

Meet The Team

Maria Camila Betancur-Hall

Maria Camila Betancur-Hall


Maria Camila is a student of the divine feminine who successfully blends her purpose with her business. She is a serial entrepreneur and multifaceted modern-day medicine woman whose skillsets include Holographic Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, and traditional medicines. She was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia where she grew up climbing trees, and helping grandma in the kitchen. A lover of nature and all beings, she lives her life in devotion to service, restoring and remembering our relationship with the sacred land through the ancient ways of her own ancestry. Walking the path with love, humility, and integrity. Maria’s daily rituals include yoga, meditation, breath work, sitting with rapé, journaling, and deepening her connections with all beings. While cultivating these practices, Maria discovered the power of ancestral medicines at an early age and since took a deep dive into the spiritual arena where she found her calling using sound and energy, along with the ancestral wisdom carried by the sacred medicines. Prior to fully following the path of healing, Maria Camila devoted herself to service as a Real Estate Agent and Interior Designer. For the last five years Maria Camila has submerged herself in shamanic practices to deepen her ancestral knowledge, returning to her roots in the Amazonian jungle, where she has been thought and initiated as a traditional doctor by the Shipibo Tribe. As well working closely with the COMCAAC tribe from the Sonoran Desert of Mexico, who are the guardians of the OTAC medicine (or the Toad medicine as it’s known worldwide.)  Maria Camila focuses on supporting people as they move through childhood and sexual trauma, addictions and ancestral conditioning. She loves creating sacred spaces through sound, movement, and deep body awareness, along with the wisdom of the earth, to help reprogram the subconscious, and remember our divinity. Maria Camila believes wholeheartedly in the power of  entheogens and their inherent place in the world of healing and collective consciousness. Forever a student, she bows in deep gratitude to these sacred medicines and the lineages that holds them.

Mily Andrade


Mily Andrade comes from the COMCAAC Tribe, located in the Sonoran Desert; They have been the guardians of the medicine of the OTAC or better known as the little toad Bufo Alvarius. With the blessing and teachings of the grandparents, she is the bearer of the ancestral legacy of this tribe. Her teachers the Barnett brothers, el Tata Chapito Barnett and Pancho Barnett have transmitted to her the wisdom and knowledge of the tribe, which she honors and transmits. In the same way she has visited and learned from other native tribes the knowledge of other sacred medicines that accompany her on this path of Awakening. She is an intergalactic traveling soul, at the service of the growth and evolution of humanity through love that is the highest energy frequency in the multiverse. The sacred medicines are our tools to remember the magic that lives in each of us and to return home as one.

Danielle R Hall


From early in her childhood Danielle has been known for her capacity to share her love, for her innate listening, ability to bring peace, and her genuine care for everyone she touches. She chooses love in her many expressions; in her soul union partnership, as a mother, as a dental hygienist, as a holographic sound healer, as a somatic release breath work facilitator, and steward of sacred medicines. Danielle works closely with Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene as her guides. She has spent years deepening her connection with pachamama, our archetypal mother, who gives birth to the sacred medicines in which we can partake for remembrance. It is through her own remembrance she has fully realized her soul mission is to leave her legacy of love by helping raise the collective vibration through the uprising of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness. Danielle is honored and humbled to have been initiated by the Shipibo tribe as a traditional doctor, to further the mission of healing, remembrance, love and liberation. Danielle’s understanding that we are 3 part beings (body, mind, soul); honors all parts through daily practices to continue self realization. She is a life coach who integrates knowledge and experience which begets wisdom. Her additional studies and certifications include multiple cross-fit certifications, training under Opex Fitness and 20 years of self-experimentation in fitness, nutrition and wellness. 

Erick Godsey


 For the last 11 years, Erick Godsey has spent nearly every day reading, experiencing, and teaching. Using Cognitive, Evolutionary, and Depth Psychology, he helps individuals discover, articulate, and change the stories that rule their lives. Godsey has a Bachelor’s of Science in Cognitive Psychology from University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. He is a writer, host of The Myths That Make Us podcast, and coach at Fit For Service, a mastermind founded by Aubrey Marcus to train individuals to become more fit to serve the world. “My life’s mission is to revolutionize how our culture understands and treats mental illness. And I love dreams more than food.”

Janeth Aguiñaga


Janeth thrives in environments where she is able to express her creativity. From photography, to creating campaigns and planning events. Through her creative eye she is able to deliver her messages uniquely. Janeth has a bachelor’s in Marketing and Public Relationships from the Mexican School of Banking and Commerce. She loves working with people and sharing her knowledge to help others become a better version of themselves.”Creating and making ideas a reality is one of the soul’s deepest yearnings” Janeth loves creating, from a piece of cloth to short films, “Everything is possible with Love and Will. The key is to enjoy the journey and learn in every step you take.”

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