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Sage Protection Necklaces


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Support a beautiful cause!

100% of the profit goes to the grandmothers of the COMCAAC Tribe in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico

White Sage is a sacred plant, used by the Comcaac tribe and other tribes originating in North America, in an omnipresent way for its power to eliminate impurities, both in the body and in the spirit, purify the environment, attract positive energies, good fortune and rejoicing the spirit.

By belief and tradition, only women can collect the plant. For this they walk to the desert in search of it, once they find it, they sing in their native language, honoring the magnificence of nature, asking permission from the guardian spirit of the plant, to be able to take its leaves. Once the guardian spirit is offered, as a gift for healing and protection, women take only what is necessary, without hurting the plant, ensuring that it continues to live and can continue to give us its medicine.

The sage is put to dry in the sun. They then make little bundles of approximately 20 cm, which are used to smoke, purifying and cleaning energy, this was the way in which it was transported by the members of the tribe ancestrally, when the men left hunting or fishing or during their long walks from one territory to another. Until one night, the guardian spirit of Salvia appeared in a dream to one of the grandfathers of the tribe, revealing to him that they should keep the dried sage leaves in a kind of necklace and place it close to their heart, so that it may bless them. Good energy and protection will accompany its bearer; From that moment, the women of the community embroider the amulets, singing and praying during the process, with the intention of blessing the soul and spirit of its wearer, asking Hant Caii (The Creator) to protect, guide and accompany them, from the wisdom and the nobility of his heart.

These sage necklaces are each uniquely created and designed by the Grandmothers of the tribe. Just like drawing a card from a Tarot deck, the necklace design you receive is guided by soul. When you receive your necklace, we advise that you take the time to intentionally sit with it and contemplate its meaning.


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4 reviews for Sage Protection Necklaces

  1. Whitney Champion (verified owner)

    Beautiful everything

    Thank you 🤍🙏🌿

  2. Amber Capuano (verified owner)

  3. Danielle Hall

    This beautiful necklace is a staple in my medicine bag. I love sage and wear it anytime I am serving as a powerful protector of energy. Thank you Maria for sharing the reverence of this sacred use of sage.

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